We're all aware of the state of the economy. Whether it's your home PC or you run a very small company or home based business ... MORE

It could just be semantics, but if you're looking for a vendor, you may want to visit Fenway Park and grab a hotdog or popcorn... MORE

We have a team of professionals that have dedicated themselves to making sure your computers are running trouble-free and working optimally.  They eat, sleep and drink technology and are always looking for the best choice for any and all solutions for our customers... MORE



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We recognize that there are two kinds of consumers out there.  The people that like to meet, and the people who just like to "get it done".  For those who want to meet and put a face to a name, we'd be more than willing to do so.  For those who just want to pick-a-plan, pay online using Paypal or a credit card, that works fine as well.  After your payment transaction goes through, you simply install our EZ-Connect software and you're off and running.  We make it easy for you to do business with us... MORE