We have a team of professionals that have dedicated themselves to making sure your computers are running trouble-free and working optimally.  They eat, sleep and drink technology and are always looking for the best choice for any and all solutions for our customers.  Technology changes, but that doesn't have to be your concern; that's why New England PC Services exists.  We take the worries and aggravation out of your computer issues so you don't have to.


Don't let any computer repair shop or online maintenance company sell you a load of terms to instill fear into you.  It is very true that when dealing with computer programming or hands-on setup of enterprise level networks, hubs, switches and servers that certifications and experience counts for a lot, but any work at the desktop and applications levels, do not require MCP, MCSE or A+ certification.  Those certifications should be a requirement for larger business environments dealing with servers and larger networking projects, but at the desktop maintenance level, which is where we work, they are of little to no value.



About the President

Scott Robbins has been an entrepreneur for his entire life.  He started a website development firm 15 years ago, which was very successful and still exists today as a "by referral only" business with a select number of clients.  He was the principal in a sales development firm for over 5 years and would speak and train in front of hundreds of people throughout New England regularly.  And now, in today's world of people being reliant on their computers for both their livelihood as well as for entertainment, he recognized that there was a huge calling for affordable and reliable PC maintenance.  It's based on the "proactive-maintenance" business model (which is the more cost effective approach vs. the "run it until it slows down and then have someone try to undo the damage" model).


There are many companies out there that work on a break/fix model which costs a heck of a lot when something breaks.  The issue is that like the human body, if you exercise and eat properly, you can prevent the major injuries and health problems.  Those companies have feasted on individuals and companies for years and charge a lot of money to fix what could have been avoided in the first place through affordable upkeep.  Computers will break down in time, just like any piece of machinery, but proper proactive measures significantly reduce that breakdown.  The problem is that individuals don't always have the time or the knowledge to properly do that.


New England PC Services' customers are huge proponents of proactively maintaining things that are important to them so that they don't have to pay through the nose to fix something later.  If you are a forward-thinker and recognize the value of having your machines working at optimal performance levels, you are most likely a good candidate to be one of NEPCS' valued customers.