It could just be semantics, but if you're looking for a vendor, you may want to visit Fenway Park and grab a hotdog or popcorn.  We recognize that companies refer to people and companies that provide services or products to them as vendors and maybe it's habit or maybe that's just the status they have earned.  But we are proud to say that our customers do not refer to us as such.  That is because we work extremely hard to provide not only quality services in maintaining the systems of our customers, but also providing it in a personal manner and taking the time to get to know our customers.  In a day where products and services are pretty much found overseas or impersonally over the web, the folks at New England PC Services take the time to understand the uniqueness of your needs.


Our customers tell us that they has serious concerns with opening their computer systems up to people they didn't know.  Data is critical and having the wrong people poking around on their computers was something they just couldn't sleep at night thinking about.


We are an over 95% referral based business which means that only 5% of our customers are people who just found us online and signed up.  We are actively referred by our happy customers and hope that you know someone or a company who engages us to help them maintain the necessary, but costly maintenance and upkeep of their systems.  If you do, then you will know that the investment that you make with us will have a return on investment many times over and give you peace of mind and minimize the downtime of poorly maintained computer systems.